August - October

About The Artist

Matika Wilbur (Swinomish/Tulalip) has been traveling across Turtle Island for the last five years to Change the Way We See Native America through the sharing of authentic images and narrative. We offer this never-before-seen exhibition celebrating our Two Spirit community with the hope that viewers will walk away with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of Two Spirit identity and experience. Read online about Project 562 here.

About the 12th Ave Arts Gallery

The 12th Avenue Arts Gallery is a space for showcasing rotating visual art in the building. It is on the second-floor hallway running between the grand lobby and Capitol Hill Housing’s office. Typically, shows open on a second Thursday Capitol Hill Art Walk, and run for three months. Previous shows have included pieces by the artists who will have permanent installations for the Liberty Bank Building, queer arts group shows organized by Three Dollar Bill cinema, and photographs by Tim Durkan.

Visit for more information on the Capitol Hill Art Walk.