About CHH

Capitol Hill Housing provides affordable housing and leads community development efforts – helping families, immigrants, and the recently homeless. Based in Capitol Hill, we have properties in nine Seattle neighborhoods. Since 1976, we have served low- and moderate-income residents and worked to improve the Capitol Hill neighborhood for all.

CHH helps people of limited means have a home. We provide a secure, affordable home to more than 2,000 people each night, including hundreds of children. We place a special focus on affordable housing for families. In neighborhoods where two- and three-bedroom homes are rare, CHH works to develop new large apartments.

Many CHH residents come from a situation of poverty. Our residents include single parents and their children, senior citizens bankrupted by medical bills, and refugee families escaping political strife. Living in a CHH apartment allows them to afford other necessities such as food, transportation, and healthcare. Hundreds of our neighbors across the city have an affordable home because of Capitol Hill Housing.

Our community development work focuses on creating equitable and sustainable communities through thriving commercial districts, walkable neighborhoods, and building preservation. We strive to impact specific households as well as the entire community.

CHH owns and operates nearly 50 buildings across Seattle, including historic Seattle apartments and new, award-winning projects. We are proud to develop buildings in a community context and provide affordable homes that strengthen the neighborhoods we live in.

For more information, visit our website.

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