Transit-Oriented Development

Since 2008 Capitol Hill Housing has worked with the Capitol Hill Champion to promote equitable transit-oriented development at the Capitol Hill light rail station. We have advocated for the priorities identified through a community process starting in 2009. These priorities include a permanent home for the Broadway Farmers Market, affordable housing, a cultural center and community spaces, quality design, environmentally responsible building practices, and a low parking ratio.

Thanks to community mobilization and stewardship, in July 2013 the Seattle City Council passed a Development Agreement with Sound Transit that legislates many of these community goals. These include:

Affordable housing: A substantional percentage of the housing developed at the site to be affordable to people making 60% of area median income or less

Design: Pedestrian pass-throughs and other community design priorities to be incorporated

Community space: Publicly accessible plaza that can accommodate the Farmers Market

Water and energy use: Shared energy and water infrastructure, advanced metering, and public displays of real time usage

Parking: A parking maximum of .7 spaces per residential unit as well as 256 bicycle stalls

Read more in the Site Specific Design Guidelines

Sound Transit began its developer selection process in 2014. Capitol Hill Housing submitted a master developer proposal together with Jonathan Rose Companies. We are confident that our many years of involvement with the community and our long history of providing quality affordable housing on Capitol Hill will be great assets for realizing the neighborhood's vision for these sites.

For background information, consult these resources: