July 1st - September 1st

Artist Statement

How do we make sense of the contradictions of life, especially when we routinely experience information overload while living in a region experiencing expansive growth? In Seattle, where I live, all anybody talks about lately is nightmarish traffic, escalating rents or property values, the destruction of our neighborhoods and the shrinking soul of our city. The question that ultimately arises is, when do we move out even though we still love it here? This is, after all, the place we call home. As a painter I face these issues in the studio when I stand in front of a flat surface and find myself in an unrelenting effort to record my perceptual response. This process begins with a single mark of acrylic paint, ink, or graphite. It is an equally meditative and decision-driven practice that mimics my frequent walks around Seattle and wherever I may roam on foot. In my studio this translates into a building up of layers of lines, dots, squares and tracing-like marks that build and build and eventually interconnect to create a mystical structural form that encompasses movement, emotion, and space. The Duwamish Tribe believes that the land retains a memory of every footfall visited upon it. The cumulative geographies in my work represent every step ever taken in this region and specific places and objects where I take rubbings in my travels. My effort to understand, communicate and retain a connection with a rapidly altered landscape within a world that increasingly accelerates time, and to cultivate continuity with its history, propels my work forward. My cumulative geographies encompass all of these experiences, personal and collective memories, and the imagining of those yet to step on the land.

About The Artist

Sue Danielson is a Western Washington native who lives and works in Seattle. She is primarily a self-developed painter whose process-based, mixed media abstractions are about paradox and place. Her work has been exhibited both locally and nationally. Selected exhibitions include an upcoming solo exhibition at Bridge Productions in Seattle. Her work has also been exhibited at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight Art Fair, Fine Art Museum at Florida State University, Synaptic Lexicon as part of 9e2 Seattle at King Street Station, i.e. gallery and Blindfold Gallery. She is currently represented by Bridge Productions in Seattle.

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