April 13th -July 1st

Stop by the 2nd floor of the 12th Avenue Arts building (1620 12th Avenue) to check out the latest art installation outside the office of Capitol Hill Housing.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the next Capitol Hill Art Walk, happening the second Thursday of every month from 5-8 PM.

Artist Statement

Ulises Mariscal's art aims to create dialogue on topics of immigrant rights in the US and abroad and rapid urban development. "I do not want my work to be only about the visual experience. It should be more about a natural human experience, an experience that anybody can have but only art can achieve".

About The Artist

Ulises Started painting at the age of 12 in México City as a street artist, always impressed by the great murals that Siqueiros and Rivera left all over Mexico and their important political and social message that each piece has to represent the people. Siqueiros murals have influenced the work I create and hope that the message of each painting or sculpture that I create can have a similar impact on other people.

Visit capitolhillartwalk.com for more information on the Capitol Hill Art Walk.