Sustainable Communities

Capitol Hill Housing’s Sustainable Communities program encompasses six initiatives that range from the Puget Sound region to specific properties within Capitol Hill.

12th Avenue Meets Broadway

Business district development along 12th Avenue, Broadway, and the portion of Pike-Pine in between. Learn more.

Transit-Oriented Development

Advocacy for affordable housing, sustainable design, and community benefits at the future Broadway light rail station - the largest development site on Capitol Hill. Learn more.

Capitol Hill EcoDistrict

Neighborhood-scale strategies to reduce pollution, restore ecosystems, and improve the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Learn more.

Growing Transit Communities Equity Network

Regional advocacy for a transportation and land use system that benefits low income communities and communities of color. Visit the Puget Sound Regional Council.

Community Development Collaborative

A partnership between Capitol Hill Housing and Seattle’s seven other community development corporations to work together on issues impacting the neighborhoods we work in. Download the brochure (PDF).

Seattle Crescent

Coordination between community organizations in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Seattle that encompass the new streetcar line and major real estate development sites.