12th Avenue Arts

Capitol Hill Housing is transforming a parking lot into a beautiful building at 12th and Pine on Capitol Hill - featuring affordable apartments for families and individuals, performing arts space, community meeting space, and local retail - all under one roof.

Affordable Housing

Providing affordable homes is the core of Capitol Hill Housing's work. 12th Avenue Arts features 88 new apartments for families and individuals that would otherwise not be able to live in the neighborhood.

Theater Space

Responding to the loss of arts space in the neighborhood, the development features two custom-designed, flexible theaters to be managed by BlackBox Operations.

Community Space

The building will provide office space for Capitol Hill Housing and other local organizations. It will also create new meeting space for community events. Secure below-grade parking will be provided for the Seattle Police Department.

Local Retail

This development will bring new life to the corner of 12th and Pine. In addition to the performance venues, there will be street-level space for restaurants and other local retail.

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