Working for CHH

What employees say

"I like working for CHH because the interactions I have with my peers always leave me feeling positive about our goals."

"I love working for CHH because they care about Capitol Hill, are involved in the community, and treat me with respect."

"I love what I am doing!"

Commitment to Excellence

CHH recognizes employees who exhibit our values of leadership, passion for their work, integrity, team spirit, stewardship and respect for our residents, staff, community partners and neighbors. Over the past several years, the following staff members have received a Commitment to Excellence award:

Rosemary Allen Joe Black Melissa Blankenship
Gerry Cluphf William Hanley Scott McEachran
Efrain Mondragon Dianne Moreland Scott Pearson
Katie Porter Alex Brennan Kirk Robertson
Brian Steen Scott Vederoff